I have updated my Sparks “Through the Ages” gif from two years…

I have updated my Sparks “Through the Ages” from two years ago (!) to include the newest
album Hippopotamus, and to feature some of their most amazing songs!!

Here’s an explanation for each image:

1. Halfnelson (1971)
2. A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing (1973)
3. Kimono My House (1974)
4. Propaganda (1974) Clothing from a live performance of B.C..
5. Indiscreet (1975) Clothing from a live performance of Looks, Looks, Looks.
6. Big Beat (1976)
7. Introducing Sparks (1977)
8. No. 1 in Heaven (1979) Clothing from the Beat the Clock video.
9. Terminal Jive (1980) Clothing from the When I’m With You video.
10. Whomp That Sucker (1981)
11. Angst in my Pants (1982)
12. In Outer Space (1983) (featuring Jane Wiedlin) Ron in outfit from the cover, Russell in outfit from the All You Ever Think About is Sex music video.
13. Pulling Rabbits out of a Hat (1984)
14. Music That You Can Dance To (1986)
15. Interior Design (1988) (featuring Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin of Les Rita Mitsouko) Clothing from this interview.
16. Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins (1994) (with Christi Haydon)
17. Plagiarism/Balls (1997-2000) Clothing from this image.
18. Lil Beethoven (2002) Clothing from this image.
19. Hello Young Lovers (2006) Clothing from concert book.
20. Exotic Creatures of the Deep/The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman (2008-2009) Ron as “Hollywood Tour Guide” from the live Ingmar Bergman stage show performance, Russell in outfit from Exotic cover.
21. Two Hands One Mouth (2013)
22. FFS (with FFS (clockwise from top left: Bob Hardy, Paul Thomson, Alex Kapranos, and Nick McCarthy)) (2015) Ron outfit from this photo, Russell outfit from this interview.
23. Hippopotamus (2017)