Super late to the party but one of my favourite songs is “Wig in a Box” from Hedwig! (for the ask thing, I know it’s not new for you but I just watched Hedwig with a friend so I’ve been reminded of how much I love it and it’s on my mind)

I really love this song too and it’s one of the songs my mom uses to get me out of panic attacks. Counting backwards doesn’t really work for me but trying to remember lyrics does so now my mom asks me to tell her the lyrics of a song and I do (she also uses Midnight Radio. The main sondes she uses though are Life On Mars By David Bowie and Tonight by Iggy Pop). Sorry that was a bit of a tangent but yeah it’s a great song.
It’s hard to pick one lyric and I hate to be lame and pick the first lyric but “On night like this when the world’s a bit amiss” is the one the song is for to me so I think that would probably be my favorite lyric.
After all that though my favorite song from hedwig is Exquisite Corpse for sure.