dungeons and dragons always has great stuff. there’s a jug that you can use to create 2 gallons of mayonnaise at will, like it’s actually written in the dungeon masters guide can you believe that

things my party and i have received in the course of our campaign:

a rock of gravity detection. you hold it out and release it. if it falls, gravity is working.

a wand of magic missiles…and polymorph. i can hit anything i shoot at, but i’ll also turn into a random creature. i’ve been an alligator, an octopus, and a tiny demon so far.

a cloak of tongues. sounds like you’d learn random languages, yeah? NOPE, THINK AGAIN SUCKER. you get to taste anything for like 30 yards around. our halfling informed us we all taste gross.

2 different rings of invisibility–one makes me invisible, but only to myself. the other makes me marginally stealthier, but also makes me absolutely convinced that i’m completely invisible.

the thespian mask of duality. two personalities become mortal enemies within the wearer. the effect is permanent.

and finally, the shield of protection. when you use it in combat, it will use your body to shield itself from harm.

God these are good