Jimi Hendrix and the luminous Lithofayne Pridg…

Jimi Hendrix and the luminous Lithofayne Pridgon. Another picture from this series was featured on the inside gatefold of Electric Ladyland.

She’s very frequently identified as “the original ‘Foxy Lady’”, but in a jaw-dropping, must-read interview at The Guardian, Chris Campion makes a strong case for her far greater reach into Jimi’s life and art:

The profound influence she had on his life has been so sorely overlooked, it’s likely his love for Lithofayne inspired other songs, too. Certainly, a number of cuts on his debut album, Are You Experienced, seem to have been written with her in mind: the love he clearly felt was written in the stars, destined to last for eternity, of which he sings in “Love or Confusion”; the desperate plea for his devotion to be recognised in “Can You See Me” in which he wails, “Can you hear me cryin’ all over town?” (“If he couldn’t find me,” Lithofayne recalls, “everybody in Harlem knew he was looking for me.” She would visit her usual haunts and people would tell her, “Girl, Jimi, was by here, you better go.”) “And ‘Fire’, in which he determinedly edges every rival suitor for the subject of his affections out of the way.

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