July 1st 1972 Marc Bolan: Top of the Guitar P…

July 1st 1972

Marc Bolan: Top of the Guitar Parade

Steve Turner, Beat Instrumental

BEHIND EVERY success story there’s a team of guitars. Marc Bolan decided to give his chosen few a taste of the publicity he’s been getting and brought them all down to his London office to be photographed.

The man who was handling them as they were set up for the photographer was Marc’s roadie, Mike O’Halloran. He’s been with T. Rex for 2 ½ years now along with Mike Gray, who’s served 9 months and Steve Little, a recent addition who joined only 3 months ago. Whilst Marc wondered around the room, obviously very tired from the recording session the night before, Mike began introducing me to the guitars.

The first one was a Gibson Flying Arrow in white which had a large Electric Warrior sticker stuck firmly to it. (The publicity never stops!) Then came a guitar which was especially made for Marc to his own specifications by A. C. Zematis of London. The front is silver plated and has the maker’s name engraved on it with the year 1972.

Next came a 1948 Gibson Les Paul. This guitar was soon to be having a new neck fitted as the original neck had been broken by a fall. As a result, Marc took it to be refitted but unfortunately neglected to take it back to its makers – Gibson. Because of this, the new neck which was put in by a small firm began twisting and he’s now been forced to take it back to Gibsons to have it refitted in the correct manner. As far as Marc knows, it’s the only one of its particular model in the country.

Standing next to the Les Paul ’48 was a Les Paul Special 1961 and a 1958 Fender Stratocaster. Besides the Stratocaster he has a Fender Custom Telecaster which he’s fitted with a Gibson pick up. This model was bought the year it came out – 1968. Mike pointed out that normally Marc goes for older models because they’re already well worn in.

Marc has two Japanese acoustic guitars, one an Aria and the other an Astoria. Lastly he has a Gibson Special and a 1969 Epiphone.

Mike explained to me that Marc takes nearly every one of these guitars to all of his gigs! During a performance he has them standing along the side of the stage and often swaps guitars after a n https://ift.tt/2IHdmM9