1, 4, 15, 32, 95 :)

1, 4, 15, 32, 95 🙂

(1) Do You Sleep With Your Closet Doors Open Or Closed?
Either is fine the only monster in my room is me.

(4) Last Song You Listened To.
I am listening right now to the album SELF-iSH by Will Wood And The Tapeworms which is a local band but they are very good you should all look them up and support them.

(15) Grab The Book Nearest To You, Turn To Page 64, Give Me Line 14.
“-being burned alive at the stake and buried at the crossroads-“ -Horrors! By Drake Douglas

(32) If You Were A Crayon What Colour Would You Be?
My hair dye is called Lusty Lavender so even though I’m not lusty probably that.

(95) What Tattoo Do You Want?
Next I want to get my Star Wars tattoo or Alien tattoo