soundsof71: Jimmy Page in the Zoso Sweater, pl…


Jimmy Page in the Zoso Sweater, playing guitar with a bow at the Electric Magic shows, days after the release of Led Zeppelin IV, November 1971.

(New to me, this one, and I’m freaking out!)

Thanks so much for the correction, friend! This certainly explains why I hadn’t seen it before! 

So let’s have a little love for Jimmy Sakurai, formerly of LedZep Again, and now on his own as MR. JIMMY: Led Zeppelin Revival, and a regular guest with Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience (with whom he’s on tour as I write this in December 2018).

I gotta tell ya, he looks amazing. A couple from his gallery at mrjimmyledzeppelinrevival:

Plus this delightful pic from Jimmy Sakurai’s official Twitter, courtesy of Ross Halfin:

After seeing the breadth of these costumes, and the way Jimmy Sakurai carries himself when he’s playing, I feel a little less silly for not noticing that it wasn’t Pagey in my original post. DANG YALL

Plus, check this FANTASTIC phone video of MR. JIMMY at Whisky A Go Go in 2017! If you’ve ever wondered what the tribute band thing is all about, here’s a fine place to start. He not only nails the basics of “Heartbreaker” as you’d hear it on the record, but he adds a lot of the flavor of a typical Jimmy Page stage performance from 1969, say, at this very venue:

So there ya go! Much love and many apologies to J. Sakurai, with thanks to @rock6880 for setting my feet on the path of righteousness!

And seriously, y’all need to dig into MR. JIMMY, who’s playing his ass off these days, quite likely gigging near you. And my Los Angeleno peeps, no excuses for missing out on his return to The Whisky in Feb!