January 17th 1969 Tyrannosaurus Rex release P…

January 17th 1969
Tyrannosaurus Rex release Pewter Suitor / Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles
Regal Zonophone RZ 3016
The single unfortunately failed to reach the UK singles chart.
Reviews below
Tony Hatch Melody Maker
I admire his courage…Seriously , I can’t find anything constructive about the words, although he’s gets a fantastic rhythm going. I should imagine if you were in a stoned state at a party, you’d think it was a fantastic record
Chris Welch Melody Maker
Here comes Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrine Took with another bopping opus, this time distinguished by a rather natty guitar figure from Marc…. Their rattling pots and tiny voices get quite heated at the end , rather like a couple of rough gnomes, bashing each other with toad-stools
Derek Johnson NME
One of these days Tyrannosaurus Rex are going to get themselves a hit. I don’t rate this as their best single to date- but its uncomplicated, easily absorbed material , so you never know.
Written by Marc Bolan, it’s virtually a scant vocal , with complex counter harmonies underlying the solo. Ste to an urgent fast driving beat with intensifies throughout, it also spotlights some really exciting guitar playing.
The material has litter substance, however. http://bit.ly/2AOxuuk