soundsof71: The Who’s Roger Daltrey at Desert …


The Who’s Roger Daltrey at Desert Trip, Weekend 2, October 16, 2016. @silveraspens was there, too – who else?

(I was sitting about a quarter mile away when I took these, but I was at 2000mm on my Nikon P900.)

One thing that struck me is that even though Roger was singing while a blazing hot desert wind was blowing sand down his throat (I had to wear a bandana, and I was just in the audience!), he sounded AMAZING. He didn’t like how he was singing earlier in the decade, so he took voice lessons, started working out again, and is sounding fantastic. 

There’s other old guys on the road who are putting on spectacular shows – don’t miss McCartney and Jagger if you get the chance to see them this year – but there’s only one guy in HIS 70s still bellowing like he did in THE 70s, and that’s our boy Daltrey.