Patti Smith and Sam Shepard in Sutter’s Bakery…

Patti Smith and Sam Shepard in Sutter’s Bakery, New York City, 1971, by Judy Linn. 

So Sam just looks out on the river.
the badlands keep pulsing through his anatomy
the kind of bad that’s open and innocent:
the passion of a forest fire
the beauty of a poisonous flower, scorpion, snake.
Flames: the shot of silver:
James Dean’s death car…the silver Porsche
the stiletto…the pushbutton blade
the sliver of moon carved on his fist
mad dog dawn foaming at the mouth
heart like a garage
car…speeding like a demon

~Patti Smith, from “Sam Shepard: 9 Random Years (7+2)”, 1971, excerpted in this marvelous essay on her and Sam together that year, “Patti Smith: Star-Maker”, by John Blackburn