🅱lease give us the director's cut of cca…

🅱lease give us the director's cut of ccacc,,,,,specifically about how you developed all the oc's! anything tidbits about them that you wanted to work into the story but didn't make it? i love and would die for any of them 🥰

hsfjlhgsds thank you for the ask omg

I really wanted Bakugou to have a huge family and I was super worried that the amount of OCs would be something people didn’t like but I’m really glad they have been so enjoyed! A lot of it is actually based on my own experience with a huge family and even more specifically my mom’s side of the family who actually happen to be Jewish even though my fic is completely Christmas themed jfjdgshlks I celebrate both. I usually end up being the shepherd of the children in the family so a lot of Bakugou’s experienced are based on my own shit like how my cousins once grabbed me by the legs and pulled me off the couch to drag me into another room to play Mario instead of talking to my aunt. Although no one (except the grandpa) are specifically based on anyone in my family their whole energy comes from years of get togethers with them. Actually every Passover we play a game called hide the matzoh where we have to find pieces of matzoh my uncle hid AND he does allow hand to hand combat in this game so we all basically kill each other for the winnings of 5 entire dollars. One year I had to ice a bruise on my jaw from when my brother jumped from a swingset onto a trampoline and then onto my back. Just some wild times. The grandpa though it highly based on my own grandfather who loved to cook and was a very kind man. 

Masato is actually based around my younger brothers. I have three brothers and two of them watch bnha including the youngest one and a lot of the dialogue is actually based on actual shit he says to me. The whole energy drink thing in chapter 2? Completely his brainchild. I’d die for him. Actually me and my siblings have cosplayed bnha to comic con because they like it so much. I really wanted there to be someone who was a superfan of Katsuki as a hero and wanted to be a hero as well but at the same time I wanted Katsuki to grow up with a huge pressure on him of being the person in the family to have the most useful quirk which is why I decided to make Masato so young. I also just wanted Katsuki to be fiercely protective of him. 

Satomi actually came from the fact that when I was first coming up with the characters I was a closeted bisexual even though most people in my life would be completely accepting of that but it was still scary to me to tell everyone. Writing the whole scene of her coming out to Bakugou actually helped me a lot to just work through that which sounds WILD but it helped. 

The twins were from my need for an agent of chaos and then I took trouble and made it double. All the quirks were ideas workshopped between me and my editor but I actually think their quirk is one of the more clever ones we came up with. 

As far as the older couins go I felt like there had to be people that were closer to Bakugou’s age that could REALLY level with him but somehow still have their younger sister be the Responsible One ™. Airi was the closest in age to Katsuki so I felt she was the one who had to irk him the most which would include her playfully trying to steal his man just because she thinks its funny to make him mad. Riku meanwhile was just meant to have the most chaotic dad energy while Mai is just right smack in the middle of these two personalities. 

Altogether I just wanted to create a family that were absolutely insane but UNDOUBTEDLY loved each other wholeheartedly. 

There were a few scenes that ended up not included in the fic so here is a short list:

-Katsuki asking where Shouto is and panicking when he is told that he is helping in the kitchen. He then runs off to find that of course Shouto had accidentally set something on fire.

-During the snowball scene the twins were actually supposed to tell Shouto the rules of the game and they were going to completely lie about it since Shouto had never had a snowball fight. This was going to result in them throwing actual chunks of ice around that Shouto had made and Katsuki was gonna stand there yelling about how they are gonna kill somebody. 

-Masato and Todoroki were actually supposed to not get along at first because they were both competing for Bakugou’s attention. 

-When someone mention’s Endeavor to Todoroki he was supposed to start shoving cookies in his pockets saying ‘Sorry, but I have to go’

-Shouto was actually supposed to not even know what mistletoe is and was going to later ask Bakugou why he suddenly kissed him

-Mineko was supposed to have a cat that followed Shouto around

-Shouto was supposed to make a gingerbread man of Gerard Way instead of Satomi

-Shouto was supposed to get surprised by being asked how he and Katsuki got together and was going to completely use a plot from an actual romance movie that left Airi to point out the exact movie that it was while Todoroki just shrugged saying he never heard of it while Katsuki is just banging his head against the table

-Aunt Akasuki got Mitsuki a shirt for Christmas that said ‘BITCH’ and Katsuki got one that said ‘SON OF A BITCH’

-Mineko gave Katsuki a bag of activated charcoal as a ‘you got coal for christmas’ joke and Bakugou just goes off about the health myths about it

-Katsuki gave the twins actual cans of spraypaint 

-I have an entire B plot about dabi that literally isn’t even mentioned in the fic its so so so so lightly hinted at in the epilogue 

-In later years Masato and Eri attend UA at the same time with Masato as a first year and Eri as a third year. It’s not mentioned in the epilogue even though the epilogue goe into the future of bakugou, todoroki, and the family.