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what’s the pink they put in pink lemonade that makes it so poppin

that’s pussy babe!

Some of the replies so far are moving in the right direction, but I didn’t see any that got down the details. Specifics matter.

In his book How The Hot Dog Found Its Bun, [via huffpost] Josh Chetwynd tells us about "a salesman, by the name of Pete Conklin, who sold concessions at the circus. When working a shift in 1857, he ran out of water to make his lemonade (with no access to a nearby well or spring).”

Rather than lose out on business, “Pete sprinted into the dressing tent and came across Fannie Jamieson, one of the show’s bareback riders. She had just cleaned her pink tights in a vat of water, leaving the liquid looking a deep pink hue.” He used the water without a second thought, and sold it as “fine strawberry lemonade.” It’s reported that he “did double the business of ordinary refreshment and, allegedly, ushered in a new style of the drink.”

So, basically, yeah. 

One woman in particular. 

And her name was Fannie.

You know exactly what this is.

You know exactly what this is.

“Don’t let it bring you down / It’s only castl…

“Don’t let it bring you down / It’s only castles burning” Stunning solo acoustic version of “Don’t Let It Bring You Down”, Neil Young, Toronto’s Massey Hall, January 19, 1971.

This is a lot more than just “unplugged”. This is skin peeled back to the bone, heart bared, trial by fire for the fate of your eternal soul.

It’s also just a gorgeous performance of a song from the album that would wind up as the 8th best-selling album of 1971 in the US, After The Gold Rush. You probably know the song, and you may even know this version from the terrific Live At Massey Hall LP, but you ain’t heard nothin’ until you’ve seen this too.

Jethro Tull, 1969, by Wolfgang Heilemann, via …

Jethro Tull, 1969, by Wolfgang Heilemann, via The National Portrait Gallery. (It pleases me no end to think of Tull in the NPG!)

“Jimmy Page ‘n Groupies,” Phonograph Record Ma…

“Jimmy Page ‘n Groupies,” Phonograph Record Magazine, February, 1971.

More than one hysterical Queen, 1975 at Ridge …

More than one hysterical Queen, 1975 at Ridge Farm, rehearsing A Night At The Opera, via pinterest

btw, for all that it was in fact a farm with a recording and rehearsal space centered around a medieval barn, you might be shocked by who else worked there….

Queen: Freddie Mercury banging in Budapest, 19…

Queen: Freddie Mercury banging in Budapest, 1986, my edit of original via queenphotos

Who’s a Good Boy? The Who’s Roger Daltrey and …

Who’s a Good Boy? The Who’s Roger Daltrey and doggies, 1975, via charlotte-en-vrac

soundsof71: Jimmy Page in the Zoso Sweater, pl…


Jimmy Page in the Zoso Sweater, playing guitar with a bow at the Electric Magic shows, days after the release of Led Zeppelin IV, November 1971.

(New to me, this one, and I’m freaking out!)

Thanks so much for the correction, friend! This certainly explains why I hadn’t seen it before! 

So let’s have a little love for Jimmy Sakurai, formerly of LedZep Again, and now on his own as MR. JIMMY: Led Zeppelin Revival, and a regular guest with Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience (with whom he’s on tour as I write this in December 2018).

I gotta tell ya, he looks amazing. A couple from his gallery at mrjimmyledzeppelinrevival:

Plus this delightful pic from Jimmy Sakurai’s official Twitter, courtesy of Ross Halfin:

After seeing the breadth of these costumes, and the way Jimmy Sakurai carries himself when he’s playing, I feel a little less silly for not noticing that it wasn’t Pagey in my original post. DANG YALL

Plus, check this FANTASTIC phone video of MR. JIMMY at Whisky A Go Go in 2017! If you’ve ever wondered what the tribute band thing is all about, here’s a fine place to start. He not only nails the basics of “Heartbreaker” as you’d hear it on the record, but he adds a lot of the flavor of a typical Jimmy Page stage performance from 1969, say, at this very venue:

So there ya go! Much love and many apologies to J. Sakurai, with thanks to @rock6880 for setting my feet on the path of righteousness!

And seriously, y’all need to dig into MR. JIMMY, who’s playing his ass off these days, quite likely gigging near you. And my Los Angeleno peeps, no excuses for missing out on his return to The Whisky in Feb!


Fluffy Floyd [x]

Fluffy Floyd [x]