Author: 1971: Classic Rock's Classic Year


In September 1963, during a rare break between touring and recording, George Harrison paid a visit to his sister, Louise, who was now living in Benton, Illinois, as well as taking in a flying visit to NYC. 

Five months before The Beatles’ explosive appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, George, in full Beatle suit, could mingle blissfully anonymous among Americans on his sight-seeing trip. He is captured in photos taken by his brother Peter on the viewing platform on the Empire State building, and the roof deck of the Pickwick Arms Hotel in Manhatten.

Today, near the interstate exit-ramp, there’s a large cut-out of George next to the road into Breton, celebrating his visit.



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Patti Smith at New York’s Chelsea Hotel, 1971, by David Gahr

Marc Bolan of T. Rex, 1973, by Roger Bamber/Shutterstock, via rollingstone

Debbie Harry of Blondie, at the El Mocambo in Toronto. Photo by Patrick Harbron.

Elton John reeceiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, October 23, 1975, by Maureen Donaldson, via rollingstone

John Lennon, 1971 by Spud Murphy, via Yoko at commondreams

More Birdshirt Montreux, October 28, 1972, sources: [x][x]