Author: 1971: Classic Rock's Classic Year

Hair Zeppelin at The Riot House, August 1971 by Jim Marshall, via

Jim Morrison, The Doors. I’m torn between titling these “Leapin’ Lizard King!” and “Mr. Mojo Risin’!” Thoughts?

Paul McCartney and John Lennon, December 17, 1961, by Albert Marrion, via beatlesource.

Albert Marrion recalls “This photo session was done for [Brian] Epstein as a friendly gesture against the wishes of my partner… I took about thirty photographs…but discarded all but sixteen negatives because many showed Lennon and McCartney acting up and spoiling the pose. No doubt, those negatives should have been kept, looking back.”

Wow. Just wow.

”It’s always the next thing with me.” Neil Young at the Hammersmith Odeon, March 28, 1976, via

Bob Dylan, 1963, by Don Hunstein

Mick Jagger and Billy Preston on The Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas, 1975, by Annie Leibovitz. My gentle edits of scans by Leith at dietcokeandsympathy.

Jimi Hendrix at Miami Pop, 1968

Janis and Big Brother at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom, April 12 1968, by Ted Strehinsky, via biography

Debbie Harry & Chris Stein, 1978, by Philippe Carly