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Mick Jagger, Paris 1971, by Jean-Marie Périer

Marvin Gaye, 1974, by Jim Britt

David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust in New York City, by Leee Black Childers.

Joey Ramone, Los Angeles 1977, by Danny Fields.

Debbie Harry, 1978. Never let anyone tell you that a fuzzy peach sweater ain’t punk. Photo by Chris Stein.

Queen in Detroit: Freddie Mercury and Brian May, Cobo Hall, November 18, 1977, by Robert Alford

Mick Jagger in Paris, 1971, by Jean-Marie Périer

Cher, 1975, by Norman Seeff. Sources here and here.

Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson share some fries in Saint-Leu-d’Esserent, June 28 1971, a week before his passing on July 3, by Alain Ronay

Blondie: Debbie Harry in denim