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Supermarket concepts from circa 1960.


The 1960 Bowden spacelander bicycle.

Scotkins Napkins Advertisement

From the May 28, 1960 issue of Saturday Evening Post



Flamingo Capri Motel, February 1960

The motel was built over Flamingo Wash, and on the far right is a flood control channel partially covered with a fountain. O’Sheas was later built on this section of the motel property. Photo from VLV, postcard c. ‘59/60 from Retroland.


Color Television: The Billion-Dollar Breakthrough. 1964


Girls in the Windows, New York City, 1960 —Ormond Gigli
“In 1960, while a construction crew dismantled a row of brownstones right across from my own brownstone studio on East 58th Street, I was inspired to, somehow immortalize those buildings. I had the vision of 43 women in formal dress adorning the windows of the skeletal facade.

We had to work quickly to secure City permissions, arrange for models which included celebrities, the demolition supervisior’s wife (third floor, third from left), my own wife (second floor, far right), and also secure the Rolls Royce to be parked on the sidewalk. Careful planning was a necessity as the photography had to be accomplished during the workers’ lunch time!

The day before the buildings were razed, the 43 women appeared in their finest attire, went into the buildings, climbed the old stairs, and took their places in the windows. I was set up on my fire escape across the streeet, directing the scene, with bullhorn in hand. Of course I was concerned for the Models’ safety, as some were daring enough to pose out on the crumbling sills.

The photography came off as planned. What had seemed to some as too dangerous or difficult to accomplish, became my fantasy fulfilled, and my most memorable self – assigned photograph. It has been an international award winner ever since.

Most professional photographers dream of having one signature picture they are known for. “GIRLS IN THE WINDOWS ” is mine.” (at Midtown East)




Interior of Moisant Airport – 1960


Ford classic Thunderbird elegance 1960


From Betty Crocker’s Party Book, 1960.
Illustrations by Anne and Harlow Rockwell