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The Allman Brothers Band, 1971, NOT photographed in New York, but outside their Macon studio months later for the cover of At Fillmore East, by Jim Marshall

Janis Joplin from the photo session for the cover of her January 1971 album Pearl, by Barry Feinstein (the year’s 4th best-selling elpee)


Janis Joplin cover shoot for her album Pearl in Hollywood, 1970.

Photos by Barry Feinstein

Not many things look happier than Happy Janis

It was an actual zipper. (The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers, April 1971)

Deep Purple, cover shoot for 1971’s Fireball. Have mercy. Should they have called it “Hairball”?

David Bowie, Hunky Dory, 1971. Three variations of the cover, featuring Terry Pastor’s color edits of Brian Ward’s photography.

Miles Davis, with Gary Bartz on alto sax, at the Berkshire Music Festival at Tanglewood, August 18, 1970, by David Gahr, via morrisonhotelgallery.

An edit of this photo was used for the 2nd cover of Miles’ 1971 classic album Jack Johnson

Bob Dylan and George Harrison rehearsing for Concert for Bangladesh, August 1 1971 at Madison Square Garden, by Barry Feinstein. Dylan would use his half of this photo as the cover for his Greatest Hits Volume II album, released in November 1971.

Janis Joplin, Hollywood 1970, by Barry Feinstein, used for the cover of 1971′s Pearl, the years 4th-best selling LP

It was an actual zipper. (The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers, April 1971)