Category: 1971

Patti Smith at New York’s Chelsea Hotel, 1971, by David Gahr

John Lennon, 1971 by Spud Murphy, via Yoko at commondreams

David Gilmour, Pink Floyd: July 1, 1971, Ossiach Festival in Stiftshoff Austria. From his solo in “Atom Heart Mother”

Marvin Gaye at home in Detroit, 1971, by Jim Hendin

Sam Shepard and Patti Smith, Hotel Chelsea 1971, by David Gahr

Jim Morrison, The Doors, recording 1971′s L.A. Woman, by Edmund Teske

The Concert for Bangladesh: George Harrison, Leon Russell, and Bob Dylan, August 1, 1971, by Alan Pariser

John & Yoko, New York 1971, by Ben Ross

David Gilmour’s Lips & Tongue Appreciation Post. (I found these outside tumblr. If they’re yours, I’ll happily add credits!) 

Pink Floyd: David Gilmour. “Anyway…”