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Groovy 60′s Barbie/Francie fashions

From the April, 2001 issue of Barbie Bazaar Magazine

The Rolling Stones wanna hold your hand (or each other’s anyway), 1969, by Ethan Russell

Jimi in our Brook Street apartment in 1969. Jimi isn’t holding a strange looking musical instrument, this was actually one of my crutches. I tripped on the stairs coming back from a gig one night and had to go to the hospital to have my ankle put in plaster. Jimi would draw on the plaster and it ended up covered in his doodles. ~ Kathy Etchingham

The Who, Mod (if not quite magic) Bus, 1966, by David Wedgbury

Paul McCartney at the live broadcast of “All You Need is Love”, June 25, 1967

The Rolling Stones, by David Wedgbury

Jimi Hendrix in the studio, October 1967, by Bruce Fleming

Adorkable McLennon: backstage at the Scala Theatre filming A Hard Day’s Night

The Jimi Hendrix Experience, not yet very experienced


The Supremes at press conference in a hotel, August 1966, Tokyo, Japan. Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard. Photo by Koh Hasebe.⚡️