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Black Sabbath selftitled debut album released on Friday February 13,1970

50 years of Black Sabbath!

The Allman Brothers Band, 1971, NOT photographed in New York, but outside their Macon studio months later for the cover of At Fillmore East, by Jim Marshall

Janis Joplin from the photo session for the cover of her January 1971 album Pearl, by Barry Feinstein (the year’s 4th best-selling elpee)

Jimmy Page at Earl’s Court, used for the cover of a bootleg combining two terrific audience sources from the show on May 18, 1975.

David Bowie & Masayoshi Sukita: Sukita captures Bowie posing with Sukita’s photo of Bowie posing for “Heroes”

David Bowie for ‘Heroes’ 1977, by Masayoshi Sukita


Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With the Lions

John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 1969

The photo used for the album cover is by Susan Wood, taken in Room No. 1, Second West Ward, Queen Charlotte Hospital, Hammersmith during Yoko’s troubled pregnancy in November 1968, which ended in a miscarriage on November 21.

John had begun his stay with Yoko in a bed next to hers, shown below. When the hospital needed the bed for another patient, John brought in a sleeping bag and stayed on the floor.  The photos here are taken from the CD release, with additional context from Graham Calkin, here. (Tons of great stuff on his site – do click around when you have a chance!)

In the photo below, as well as John’s dirty stockinged feet on the bed, note the photos of the other three Beatles above his head! Those look like Ethan Russell’s portraits included with The White Album, which was in the mixing stages while John was making Unfinished Music, and released during Yoko’s time in the hospital.

There’s so much hype around The Beatles and so much noise around John & Yoko that it’s easy to forget that they were also humans with lives who were just trying to get through the day. These are some of my favorite photos of them.

Pink Floyd, Atom Heart Mother, QUADRAPHONIC 8-TRACK

Bob Dylan and Sally Grossman, wife of his manager Albert, in their Woodstock home, an alt take for the cover of Bringing It All Back Home, by Daniel Kramer, via bobby_grossman (no relation). See this post for the rest of the story.