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George at the Concert for Bangladesh, August 1, 1971

George Harrison, 1971.

Hair Zeppelin at The Riot House, August 1971 by Jim Marshall, via

Dave Side of the Moon, my edit of original via happyalone

Led Zeppelin, March 6 1971: Dublin, The National Stadium.


New to me, I believe?

With their award from Music Life Magazine in Japan, ZEPtember 1971. I haven’t been able to pin down the exact date, but most likely around the 23rd or 24th when they were in Tokyo. I have a post from April 2014 (!!!) with each of the boys holding their own plaque, added here. 

I have no idea why Jonesy switched from between a short-sleeved pink-ish polka dot shirt and long-sleeved white-ish one, and is alas no help at all. Certainly nice to see Bonzo change from a t-shirt to his natty blue embroidered dress shirt, with full marks to Jimmy (rocking that sweater vest-blazer combo!) for dressing like he was glad to be getting an award from start to finish. 



Jim Morrison, The Doors, recording 1971′s L.A. Woman, by Edmund Teske

Led Zeppelin, Bath 1970. One of these things is not like the others.

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