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Jim Morrison & Ray Manzarek: The Doors, San Diego 1970, by Larry Hulst.


Phil Collins captured during a feature for Sounds Magazine in Dundee,
Scotland in April 1980 whilst on Genesis’ ‘The Duke’ tour. Genesis toured between March and July 1980 to support the release of their ‘Duke’ album, that was released in March. ‘Duke’ was the tenth studio album from Genesis. It was the first album by the group to reach No. 1 in the UK charts and featured the singles ‘Turn It On Again’, ‘Duchess’, and ‘Misunderstanding’.

Photographed by Jill Furmanovsky | Rockarchive Edition 30



George Harrison at Friar Park, 1971, by Pattie Boyd

Paul & Linda McBeardy

George Harrison at a Paris press conference for All Things Must Pass, 1970, by Turkish photographer Gok in Sipahio Lu (frequently credited simply as Sipahio)

Robert Plant at Newcastle’s Mayfair Ballroom, March 18, 1971, the 8th show of the “Back to the Clubs” tour, my edit of original via robertplantdoesitbetter


Japan, 1971. From the Shinko Music Archives (via World of Zeppelin on IG)

George among the flowers

Jim Morrison at work on 1971′s LA Woman, by Edmund Teske, via