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Aretha Franklin in her dressing room at Newark Symphony Hall, 1969, by Walter Iooss Jr.

Robert Plant, November 1971 (Manchester on the 24th?), backstage with Jimmy’s Giannini Craviola 12-string acoustic guitar. 

Jimmy played it onstage during “Tangerine”, from ZEPtember 1971 in Japan through the end of the US tour in June 1972.

(I can’t pin down the date for this photo of Robert any closer than this because he wore that shirt for several November 1971 shows, some of which we’re not sure we have any pictures for….but there were other backstage photos in Manchester, of Jimmy and Jonesy, so it’s a reasonable guess. I’m happy to be corrected, though!)

Paul McCartney with Joan Baez, backstage at Candlestick Park, 1966, by Jim Marshall

Baby Pete Townshend backstage at the 58th St. Theater, New York City, March 27, 1967 by Peter Simon, my edit of original via umass



John Paul

April 10, 1970 backstage at Miami Beach Convention Center, by David E. LeVine

Marianne Faithfull backstage, February 14, 1974

The Runaways backstage at CBGB, August 2 1976, by Richard E. Aaron/Getty

Backstage at the MTV Music Awards 1993. 

When Peter was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, he was asked about this.

I’ve seen photos of you and Kurt Cobain talking backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards.
We did talk. I expected to be dismissed as part of the old generation, but he wasn’t like that at all. I didn’t have long with him, but he definitely changed things, particularly in America. 

And it had a different sort of quality than what the Sex Pistols in the UK did. I thought that was more contrived in some ways. I was more into the Clash because despite presentation of what Johnny Rotten was doing, there was nothing new to me about the music. But with Nirvana, some of it, just in their choice of chords, there were some musical differences. 

Anyway, here’s  the uncropped version of the last photo to include Courtney and Frances.


Linda Ronstadt

Backstage at Paul’s Mall in Boston, November 2, 1970, by Jeff Albertson

John Lennon backstage at Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan, 1966, by Robert Whitaker