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Sandy Denny at home on Chipstead St. in Petticoat Magazine, 1971, by George Wilkes, via sandydennyofficial

Florence in Melbourne, 18 January 2019, my edit of original via her Instagram.

(Future classic rock, but honestly eternal, so why quibble over temporal labels. My most listened-to track of 2018, not even close: “Hunger”.)


August 1971. ‘Have you ever had a bad time in Levi’s?’

David Bowie rocking the Kansai Yamamoto unitard, 1973, by Mick Rock

Linda Ronstadt, barefoot in the bike shop, 1978, by Lynn Goldsmith via rockandrollphotogallery

Beach boys! The Beatles in the Bahamas filming Help! March 1965, via imdb. Paul barefoot again + George’s mandals with black socks.

John Paul Jones, wife Maureen (married since 1967) with daughters Tamara and Jacinda at home, 1971, my edits of originals via ledzeppelin

I swear this looks like Brian photobombing Freddie, my edit of original via

Freddie’s off to the races again! Queen 1977, via harpersbazaar

Freddie Mercury, God of Sequins, by Neal Preston from his book Exhilarated And Exhausted