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Linda Ronstadt, August 22, 1971 Topanga, CA, for the cover of her third, eponymous album, by Ed Caraeff

Queen live at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, 24th December 1975, because that’s EXACTLY how you’re supposed to dress for Christmas Eve.

John Lennon, December 3 1980, by Annie Leibovitz, via johnlennonofficial

Linda McCartney’s view of the proceedings in front of EMI Studios on…you know it…Abbey Road, August 8, 1969, via cubebreaker

I swear this looks like Brian photobombing Freddie, my edit of original via

Brian May and Freddie Mercury, 1977, by Brian D. McLaughlin, via springfieldnewssun

Carole King at

8857 Wonderland Ave, Laurel Canyon, January 1971 for the cover of Tapestry, by Jim McCrary, via findery

Linda Ronstadt

Iggy Pop (with one toenail painted black), LA 1973, by Leee Black Childers

Like a leper messiah! Freddie Mercury flashing on The Game tour, 1980, via facebook