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Brian May and Freddie Mercury, 1977, by Brian D. McLaughlin, via springfieldnewssun

Carole King at

8857 Wonderland Ave, Laurel Canyon, January 1971 for the cover of Tapestry, by Jim McCrary, via findery

Linda Ronstadt

Iggy Pop (with one toenail painted black), LA 1973, by Leee Black Childers

Like a leper messiah! Freddie Mercury flashing on The Game tour, 1980, via facebook

Jimi Hendrix, Hawaii 1968, by Ron Raffaelli

Freddie’s off to the races again! Queen 1977, via harpersbazaar

Freddie Mercury, God of Sequins, by Neal Preston from his book Exhilerated And Exhausted

Freddie Mercury: The God of Sequins in the Garden, 1977, by Waring Abbott, my edit of original via newnownext

Freddie Mercury and Jane Seymour at Fashion Aid, 1985

So a while back, I posted some pics of Freddie Mercury, Jane Seymour, and Boy George at Fashion Aid, November 5, 1985 at The Royal Albert Hall. Organized by Bob Geldof following Live Aid, the guest list was just as impressive in its own way – Grace Jones, Jerry Hall, Kate Bush, Michael Caine, Ringo, George Michael, Zandra Rhodes, and many more.

Which made me wonder, were there more pics of Freddie and Jane in particular out there that I hadn’t found yet? OH YES THERE WERE!


(With lipstick on Fred’s cheek?)



It turns out that the climax of the event was a faux wedding between Fred and Jane! In it, you can see that Freddie is not only shirtless but BAREFOOT as he sweeps Jane off her feet, into his arms!

You’ll see other celebs, as well as the full orchestra and choir who are dressed no less spectactularly.

This really is some pretty wild stuff. Sources for all this here, here, here, and here, all of which I did some additional editing on. Almost none had credits, but I’m thinking that most of if not all photos are by Dave Hogan.

Note that some of the sources I linked to just above had a LOT more photos in case you want to build a Freddie Mercury-Jane Seymour wedding album of your own!