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Paul McCartney with Joan Baez, backstage at Candlestick Park, 1966, by Jim Marshall

George Harrison & Bob Dylan, rehearsal for Concert for Bangladesh, August 1, 1971, New York City. 

John Lennon on the set of A Hard Day’s Night

John Lennon, ear to the ground, New York, 1971, by Iain McMillan.

George & John, their last time together, at the Troubadour in LA, November 1974, via

Paul McCartney, outside his Cavendish Avenue home in London, a short walk from Abbey Road

The Beatles, Scotland, 1964, by Robert Whitaker. “All four were very inventive and spontaneous. I asked them to jump up on the wall. They grabbed these umbrellas, and then John…well, Look at him in that photo. He’s Levitating.”

George Harrison, a little the worse for wear. Sign in the upper left: please Go away.

The Beatles at Abbey Road for Sgt. Pepper

George Harrison, 1975, by Terry O’Neill