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1970 McCall’s Sewing Patterns Advertisement

From the December, 1970 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine



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Better Homes and Gardens   December 1976


Bell System telephones ad from Better Homes and Gardens, December 1965.
From 20th Century Advertising on Facebook.

For as much money as this monopoly made, their ads certainly were cheap.

Apartment Magazine Promo feat. Santa

From the December, 1970 issue of Better Homes And Gardens Magazine


Handmade decorative plaques featured in Better Homes and Gardens, November 1966

Thanksgiving Family Illustration

From the November, 1968 issue of Better Homes And Gardens magazine



DOLLAR STRETCHING DECORATING | Better Homes & Gardens ©1983

Home Design 1971

From the January, 1971 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine



Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book, 1975.


Detail from instructions in the Better Homes and Gardens’ House Plants book, 1971.