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Alice Cooper

Donovan and Alice Cooper, working on the track “Billion Dollar Babies,” 1972.

Donovan tells the tale. I was making Cosmic Wheels with Mickie Most at Morgan Studios in 1972. Alice Cooper was downstairs making an album; I didn’t know who he was. Word came up that a band was downstairs and that they would love to meet me. 

Alice introduced himself and he played me the track, and it had this huge sound to it. Alice said, “Would you like to try a vocal?” I thought he meant a background vocal. I said, “It is very hard to climb on top of those guitars. I am going to have to do a falsetto.” Alice told me to have a go at it. I went in and sang this piercing falsetto and sang, “Biiillllion dollllar babbbbieeeees.” Alice said, “That’s it man, let’s record.” I think I did about half the vocals on that song.

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