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Janis Joplin, Woodacre CA 1967 (age 24!), by Lisa Law

Bob Dylan with his dukes up, with Donovan, and Mary Travers (of Peter, Paul & Mary) behind him.

Iggy Pop, serving the lewks with the dog collar and parasol combo

Bruce Springsteen plays “For You” at Harvard Square Theater, 1974, by Barry Schneier

Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop for Paco Rabanne, 2015

David Bowie, “Time” by Masayoshi Sukita, 1977

Miles Davis, July 10 1973, London’s Rainbow Theatre, by Jill Furmanovsky. “It was difficult to shoot him live. He kept his head down and often turned his back on the audience. This was the best frame of the night – every muscle in his body is playing that note.”

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant, Nassau Coliseum, February 14 1975, by Richard E. Aaron

Joni Mitchell, Mariposa Folk Festival, Toronto 1970, by Jeff Goode

Pete Townshend of The Who, 1968, by Baron Wolman for Rolling Stone