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The Black Dragon at Earls Court, 1975, by Mick Gold, via ledzeppelin

The Black Dragon in Oakland, 1977, by Baron Wolman, my edits of fantastic new scans via worldofzeppelin

Led Zeppelin: Glowing Jimbert

Black Dragon Jimbert, by Neal Preston

Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page at Earls Court, 1975, by Jill Furmanovsky



Duckface of the Gods as @soundsof71 calls it

Because he’s the Golden God making a duckface. Lots of people did this, of course, and still do, but he and Jimmy are the only ones who made it look cool.


Led Zeppelin: Black Dragon Jimbert at the Forum, 1975, by Neil Zlozower


Jimmy Page: The Black Dragon Suit in full effect, Oakland 1977, from Led Zeppelin’s last US shows, by Baron Wolman

Jimmy Page at Earl’s Court, used for the cover of a bootleg combining two terrific audience sources from the show on May 18, 1975.