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New to me, I believe?

With their award from Music Life Magazine in Japan, ZEPtember 1971. I haven’t been able to pin down the exact date, but most likely around the 23rd or 24th when they were in Tokyo. I have a post from April 2014 (!!!) with each of the boys holding their own plaque, added here. 

I have no idea why Jonesy switched from between a short-sleeved pink-ish polka dot shirt and long-sleeved white-ish one, and is alas no help at all. Certainly nice to see Bonzo change from a t-shirt to his natty blue embroidered dress shirt, with full marks to Jimmy (rocking that sweater vest-blazer combo!) for dressing like he was glad to be getting an award from start to finish. 

David Bowie: I just met a guy named Blue Jean (by Andrew Kent)

Stevie Nicks, 1975

Eric Clapton, rehearsing for The Concert for Bangladesh, August 1, 1971


A dog collar and a hint of denim. 👌🏽❤️



Joey Ramone, by Brad Elterman.

Cherie & Marie Currie

Gregg Allman, by Sidney Smith via guitarinternational

Blondie: Debbie Harry in denim