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Listening to the playback

Recording “Whole Lotta Love”! 

“For the song to work as this panoramic audio experience, I needed Bonzo to really stand out, so that every stick stroke sounded clear and you could really feel them. If the drums were recorded just right, we could lay in everything else. 

“Robert’s vocal was just as extreme. He kept gaining confidence during the session and gave it everything he had. His vocals, like my solos, were about performance. He was pushing to see what he could get out of his voice. We were performing for each other, almost competitively.”

John Bonham, The Record Plant New York, recording Led Zeppelin II, by Jim Cummins

Bonzo, via nealprestonphotography

John Bonham, with a little Bonzo simmering just under the surface

Bonzo looking mighty golden at the Forum, June 3 1973, by Jeffrey Mayer, via

Bonzo being Bonzo: John Bonham, Led Zeppelin, 1969

Drugs + your face between Robert & Jimmy’s butts and Bonzo’s junk = Jonesy’s expression

The Black Dragon (and Bonzo) at Earls Court, May 1975, by Graham Wiltshire

Led Zeppelin: John Bonham being Bonzo at the Manitoba Centennial Pop Festival (Man Pop), August 29, 1970