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Jimmy Page at Earl’s Court, used for the cover of a bootleg combining two terrific audience sources from the show on May 18, 1975.




Led Zeppelin, first performance of “Stairway to Heaven”, Belfast, March 5 1971, via ledzeppelin

Was met with polite applause. Lol. I wonder if the audience had any clue about what they’d just heard. I’m sure they figured it out later. 🙂

Stumbled across this show last night, and I’d forgotten how absolutely fantastic Robert’s voice is in it.  Here’s the boot.  Everyone is playing their heart out, but Robert is simply unbelievable.  Forgive the somewhat murky audience recording and take a minute to listen.  Unreal.  

Jimmy has noted that “Stairway to Heaven” didn’t become “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” until the US 1973 tour, which sounds about right to me. Contemporary reviews don’t really lock onto it one way or the other; Billboard’s first (very positive) review of LZ IV doesn’t even mention it at all. 

But this is a terrific boot of an important show. Thanks for the link!



Led Zeppelin – Going to California 1971

From that great photoshoot where John looked 150% done with everyone and everything

This is the cover for a recent-ish re-release of the classic 1973 boot of the second night of Led Zeppelin’s September 1971 stand in Berkeley, one of their finest-ever recordings, well worth tracking down on YouTube.


Daily Dylan Pic 2018 – 281

I’ve seen this attributed to Buffalo, July 4, 1986, because it was used for the cover of a terrific boot from that date, Rich for Poor, details here….but as is the way with such things, that don’t mean it’s so.

Red Zeppelin, April 27, 1977, by Janet Macoska, via ledzeppelin.

The rap is that they’d lost their edge by 1977. Jimmy couldn’t play, Robert couldn’t sing, whatever. It’s all nonsense. They were still monsters, never more so than this night in Cleveland, thankfully preserved in a jaw-dropping recording known as Destroyer. There are multiple versions of it on YouTube, including a remastered version that blows away any official live recordings the band has ever released.

The first bit of the first song is missing, but take a listen to this tasty little clip of (most of) The Song Remains The Same, The Rover, and Sick Again. There 2 hours more where that came from, and it’s absolutely amazing. Don’t believe the anti-hype! Trust your ears, which if you’ve set this at the proper volume, will be bleeding with joy by the end of it. 




One of my favorite, if not my favorite, version of Over The Hills And Far Away. 

March 27, 1975. Taped by the legendary Mike Millard on his stealth (hidden under a wheelchair) Nakamichi rig. Insanely good quality. 

Enjoy some great Led Zeppelin. 

More people should know about Mike Millard, the only way how I know about him is through @got-to-rise-above and my friend Phil. 

That was one huge ass deck to be stealth recording with back then……def took some chutzpah to hide from Peter Grant 😉


The recordings of “Mike the Mike” are more than great bootlegs. In fact, he hated that his shows got turned into bootlegs for sale. He made them for friends, and the care shows. The best of them are time machines that allow you to hear what it was like to BE at those shows. Here’s his unhappy story (including the source of the pic above, of one of Mike’s handmade labels) and here’s a list of his most widely circulating tapes.


Dr. John – Manley Field House, Syracuse, New York, April 7, 1972

“I always play a little bit of everything. I think that’s what music’s about: a little bit of somethin’ old, somethin’ in the middle, somethin’ new and somethin’ as yet uncreated.”

Including a couple of taste treats from 1971′s The Sun, Moon & Herbs, including “Craney Crow” and “Familiar Reality”. Great stuff here!