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Linda Ronstadt

Backstage at Paul’s Mall in Boston, November 2, 1970, by Jeff Albertson

Debbie Harry, Boston 1978, by Roberta Bayley, via paddle8


Elton John – Boston, July 4, 1976

Photo: Ron Pownall

Joan Jett at the Rat! aka, Boston’s Rathskeller, with the Blackhearts

David Bowie, March 17 1976, by Ron Pownall


Led ZeppelinJimmy Page and Robert Plant performing live on stage at Boston Tea Party. 26th January, 1969.

“As far as I’m concerned, the key Zeppelin gig, the one that put everything into focus, was one that we played on our first American tour at the Boston Tea Party. We’d played our usual one hour set, using all the material for the first album and Page’s White Summer guitar piece and by the end, the audience just wouldn’t let us offstage. It was in such a state that we had to start throwing ideas around, just thinking of songs that we might all know or that some of us knew a part of and work it out from there.

So we’d go back on and play things like “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Please Please Me”, old Beatles favorites. I mean, just anything that would come into our head and the response was quite amazing. There were kids actually bashing their heads against the stage – I’ve never seen that a gig before or since, and when we finally left the stage, we’d played for four plus hours.

Peter (Grant) was absolutely ecstatic. He was crying, if you can imagine that, and hugging us all. You know with this grizzly bear hug. I suppose it was then that we realized just what Led Zeppelin was going to become.” 

– John Paul Jones (NME, Feb. 1973)


Freddie Mercury and Brian May backstage at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, February 15, 1975 on ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ US tour.
📸 Paul McAlpine.

Bonnie Raitt on the Boston Common, 1971, at the Vietnam Vets Against The War rally, via. Her debut album was released that November, just as she turned 22.

Rick Wright, Roger Waters, Pink Floyd. (Boston Music Hall, 1972)

Queen in Boston, April 26, 1974, and I have a couple more! 

The ones below are via queenlive, which lays out the controversies around the date. This show was moved from its original date, with a variety of explanations given for who was sick (Brian? Somebody from headliners Mott the Hoople?), and whether in fact they played ANY shows in 1974.

(The evidence is in favor, imo, but not by any means conclusive! Do check the link above.)

In any case, adorable photos of our boys on the steps of the State House (top) and wandering around Beacon Hill!