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Led Zeppelin in Los Angeles: Robert Plant, Golden God, by Brad Elterman


Queen: Roger Taylor in Las Vegas after Queen’s show on December 15, 1977, by Brad Elterman

Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett by Brad Elterman,  my edit of original via his Instagram

Joan Jett at The Whisky, 1977, by Brad Elterman

Freddie Mercury, sequined in Vegas, throwing you flowers, December 15, 1977 by Brad Elterman, my edit of original via ultimosegundo


Debbie Harry in the 80s

by @bradelterman (yes, he’s on tumblr!)


Tom Petty, Todd Rundgren, and Bebe Buell. I adore this photo. 

Taken by bradelterman !!!

Joan Jett, by Brad Elterman.

The Runaways: Cherie Currie, Cherry Bomb, by Brad Elterman

Debbie Harry, Blondie, 1978, by Brad Elterman