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David Bowie on Cher, his US primetime TV debut, aired November 8, 1975, by Steve Schapiro.

Elton John & Cher at the Rock Music Awards, August 9, 1975, by Ulvis Alberts 

Cher for TV Guide, April 1975

Rock Lady T-Shirts

From the February, 1976 issue of CREEM Magazine


Fame on the Cher Show (1975)

His US primetime debut, aired November 8. 


Cher wearing a dress custom designed by Bob Mackie

Cher, on ABC’s Love American Style, “Love and the Sack”, aired January 15, 1971

Cher, by Norman Seeff. “The first shoot I did with Cher was never meant to be a session. I got a call saying she wanted to come to the studio, and she showed up with a girlfriend. On a whim, I asked her if she wanted to shoot, so there in my studio we just hung out. I shot 6 or 7 rolls very informally, and every one of them is pure Cher magic.”

#pure cher magic

Cher, 1970, ever swinging in denim

Cher, 1970, via. Amaaaaazing pants.