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Robert Plant, Seattle 1975, by John Brott


A dog collar and a hint of denim. 👌🏽❤️

Rod Stewart, Ron Wood: Faces! Shiny!

Rush, 1977, by Fin Costello. Blue eyeshadow ftw!

Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin. THAT CHOKER THO


Freddie The King Of Queen!
Queen started the year with the longest lasting number one for years, and their live act’s the best in the world. At the centre of it all is Freddie – once you’ve seen him you’re never the same again!

Freddie Mercury is certainly the most amazing member of Queen. Not only does he look fantastic with those super skinny legs and great outfits, but he’s also one of the best musicians on the pop scene today. He’s got so much going on for him that it must make some other stars want to scream!
Freddie is very popular in Britain, but in Japan he’s just about the biggest superstar there is. Japanese fans have been known to travel all the way over to Britain just for a few words!
“The most amazing Japanese fan was one who quietly knocked on my door one afternoon.” Freddie told us. “She didn’t say anything, she just bowed and then handed me a flower. Then she bowed again, gave me a little kiss, and walked away. I learnt that she’d flown over all the way and then gone straight back after she’d seen me. I only wish she’d at least stayed for a cup of tea! I’ve kept that flower though – it was a paper carnation – and I’ll wear it the next time we appear in Japan. I only hope she’ll think it was worth the trip!”

Hiroshima Peace Park, ZEPtember 27, 1971


Sissy Spacek modeling some headbands for a 1971 Collection’s catalog



Madison Square Garden 1975!

The Dark Wizard works his magic

(Where can I get that choker??)