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Divine making the scene in New York City, ~1978 by Chris Stein, via his Instagram

Joni Mitchell dropping by to visit Debbie Harry and Chris Stein at Blondie’s show in Santa Barbara, August 7, 2019, via Chris’s Instagram. Chris’s caption for this photo: “Joni Mitchell came to our show. I’m dead. I don’t have that many heroes. Joni was such a huge influence on my musical life it’s hard to express.”

Debbie Harry, Blondie. For the next time anyone tries to tell you that a little white dress ain’t punk.

Debbie Harry, by Chris Stein. “By 1975, we were plunging ahead with the band and I was taking pictures of everything around me, among them Debbie. I was always aware of her astonishing looks and the effect she had on people.” 

Debbie Harry, by Chris Stein

Debbie Harry, 1978. Never let anyone tell you that a fuzzy peach sweater ain’t punk. Photo by Chris Stein.

Chris Stein and Debbie Harry by Christopher Makos, my edit of original via pleasekillme

Debbie Harry fronting Blondie at CBGB, 1976, by Roberta Bayley

Blondie: Debbie Harry & Chris Stein at Whisky a Go Go, February 1977, via wmagazine

(Pinning down the date any tighter than that is tough. Blondie played The Whisky from Feb. 9-12, with Tom Petty & The Hearbreakers opening, and Feb 16-20 with Ramones headlining. Can you even imagine?!? There are tons of pictures of Debbie and Blondie and friends in LA this month, and I still can’t quite wrap my head around it. I feel like someone could probably write a whole book about this single month.)

Debbie Harry with a kitty!!! by Chris Stein, via huckmag