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David Bowie performing “Heroes” on 

Bing Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas, aired November 30, 1977

Bruce Springsteen, 1973


Joni Mitchell, picking up the first of her 8 Grammy Awards (so far!, on 16 nominations) for Clouds, March 11, 1970, via

Bruce Springsteen, 1973

David Bowie on the Marc Bolan TV series Marc, September 1977

David Bowie, by Denis O’Regan

Iggy Pop, The Leper Messiah in Toronto, 1977, by Bob Gruen.

(What’s the deal with brandishing that cross? Did he see a vampire in the audience? Is he not one?)

David Bowie at an after-party during his Broadway run as Elephant Man, December 28, 1980, by Robin Platzer. 

Roger Daltrey, The Who, Los Angeles ca. 1975, by Neal Preston