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David Bowie, 1971. Two very different approaches to the cover of Hunky Dory by Brian Ward, featuring Ward’s wardrobe (including his salamander ring, seen in both). 

David Bowie in a dress on his first trip to America, Los Angeles, February 1971. Photo by Earl Leaf.

David Bowie, 1971, by Brian Ward

“Unnervingly pretty.” David Bowie DRESS-ed for success on his first US visit,  Los Angeles, February 1971.  Photo by Julian Wasser.

David Bowie Polaroid, by Andy Warhol, September 1971.

Their first meeting at The Factory in New York did not start well. For one, Andy hated David’s song about him, being extremely self-conscious about the awkward appearance that David referenced in it (”Andy Warhol looks a fright”). David meant the song as a tribute, but to Andy, it felt mocking. Oops. So how did they get through this to become friends? 

“It was my shoes that got him,” David said in 2003, shoes which had been given to him by Marc Bolan. “That’s where we found something to talk about. They were these little yellow things with a strap across them, like girls’ shoes. He absolutely adored them. Then I found out that he used to do a lot of shoe designing when he was younger. He had a bit of a shoe fetishism. That kind of broke the ice.”

My lengthy edit: original photo source here; story source here.

David Bowie, 1971

David Bowie’s all-knowing Sphinx, 1971, by Brian Ward (featuring Brian’s costume and salamander ring)

(btw, you’ll frequently see this photo mistakenly attributed to 1969, because one of its first high-profile web postings was a scan from a Ryko CD reissue booklet for Bowie’s ‘69 self-titled LP, aka Space Oddity…but no. 1971 all the way, baby, as per my source for THIS scan, Entire shoot also thoroughly documented in Kevin Cann’s marvelous book, David Bowie: Any Day Now: The London Years 1947-1974.)

David Bowie, 1971, by Brian Ward

On January 27, 1971, David Bowie arrived in America for the first time…wearing this dress. He was detained by security for over an hour. These photos were taken in LA in February, by John Mendelsohn.

David Bowie, Glastonbury 1971! The pants, the hat, the hair, THE CAPE