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☆ The Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud 

From his press conference at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, 8 April 1973. No need for eyebrows.

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A Tribute to the Thin White Duke, The Man I love More than Any Human being ever lived on this Planet, who I believe deep down that he was an Alien not just a human and now he’s living his normal life between the stars, Around the Galaxies after he Sparked our lives with music and Fashions that live and spread on the planet till this moment.
Like everyone else I would say that you’re so Missed Duke but you’ll never Die inside us and your music will stay, live and change lives.

Mixed media Collage by Nour Rodriguez.

Instagram : @Marooned.collage

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Sarah: *I’m* the Goblin Queen, bitches – you go wave your fans somewhere else.

(From Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History)

The Labyrinth commentaries are an Absolute Fucking Delight, seriously – from Goblins of the Labyrinth  to the deluxe edition DVDs, they are replete with balls-out nerdery from Froud/Henson/Lucas, over-the-top teenage delight from Jennifer Connely who, at 14, got to SLOW DANCE WITH DAVID BOWIE!!!!!!!!!…and, wonder of wonders, sheer fucking dorkiness in the person of aforementioned rock god.


-He kept stumbling on the stairs in the ballroom scene. Jennifer keeps laughing at him because, oh my fuck, you’re David Bowie, aged 40something, Rock God Supreme, stupidly beautiful, actually trained in all this shit….and my adolescent ass remembers these stairs are here, but you don’t?!?!???????/

– The script originally called for Jareth and Sarah to kiss, but David Bowie straight up refused because Jennifer Connely was a minor and he was a grown-ass adult.

Henson wanted a famous musician to play the Goblin King and had debated casting Michael Jackson, until David Bowie came over and…hopped up onto the table, and, with a wicked gleam in his eye, pulled a bone flute out of his pocket, hopped up onto the table, and, crouching thereon, played it at him and Henson was like “that is the Goblin King right there”

– Jennifer was apparently an absolute dream to work with and they didn’t realise how dangerous some of the stunts she acted were until they saw an actual teenager, say, going down the shaft of hands

– David Bowie was TERRIFIED OF HEIGHTS.  During the Diamond Dogs tour in the 1970s, he got stuck on an elevating chair on stage, and later, in the 80s, during Glass Spider, he had an elevated prop fucking PRECIPITATELY DESCEND under him.  Nonetheless, he did a lot of the Escher Room stuff himself – not all of it, some of it is a stunt guy, but damn, for a dude with acrophobia, doing ANY of it is impressive.

– Basically Jennifer Connely and David Bowie are/were fantastic to work with, and Jim Henson, who decided of his own free will to work with a baby, a teenager, numerous chickens, and a neurotic musician, was a madman.  A magnificent madman, but a madman nonetheless.

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Okay, I NEEEEEED to see those.

The bone flute was actually made for David Bowie by Jim Henson and Brian Froud, which they gave to him when they went to ask if he’d be interested in the role. But he did then hope up on the table and totally get into character with it.

So y’all know who the choreographer for this film was, right?

(She went by her first, rather than middle, name back then)

The Bowie-Star Trek connection we’ve been waiting for all these years.

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Photo by Piero Togni
Rome, 1977

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No fucks were given in the making of this brilliant video

Ah yes, the classic video for Cotton Eyed Joe

As a matter of fact….

As a matter of fact….

Leper Messiah

Leper Messiah

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David Bowie – Boys Keep Swinging (Lodger, 1979)




David Bowie introducing Devo live at Max’s Kansas City 1977

David Bowie with Monique van Vooren @ Max’s Kansas City ©️Joe DeMaria 1977

David Bowie hanging out with Devo at Max’s Kansas City 1977

David Bowie hanging out with Devo at Max’s Kansas City ©️Bob Gruen 1977

[Devo’s Mark] Mothersbaugh recalled the night in the summer of 1977 when Bowie approached Devo after a set at Max’s Kansas City: “David Bowie came up and he said, ‘I’d like to produce you guys.’ And we said, ‘Well, we don’t have a record deal.’ And he said, ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay for it.‘”

To show he meant business, Bowie “came out on stage when we played our second show at Max’s that night,” Mothersbaugh said. “He came out on stage and goes, ‘This is the band of the future, I’m going to produce them this Christmas in Tokyo!’ And we’re all like, ‘Sounds great to us. We’re sleeping in an Econoline van out in front on Bowery tonight, on top of our equipment.” 

More here. (Trust me. Go read it.)

Hey, and howzabout some video of that show? Done!

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David Bowie