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Debbie Harry by Roberta Bayley, via blondieofficial

Debbie Harry, NYC 1977, by Bob Gruen. Pretty in punk.

Debbie Harry & Chris Stein, 1978, by Philippe Carly

Debbie Harry, 1978, by Lynn Goldsmith, my edit of original via

Debbie Harry, 1976, by Chris Stein

Debbie Harry, Blondie, at My Father’s Place, Long Island NY 1978, by Ebet Roberts.

Debbie Harry by Chris Stein, from his book Point of View, my edit of original via wonderlandmagazine 

Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop for Paco Rabanne, 2015

Debbie Harry, Blondie, May 1977,

Apollo Theatre, Glasgow,

kicking off their first UK tour, supporting the band Television, by Jill Furmanovsky


Debbie Harry, from blondie. Circa mid to late 60s