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Tina Turner performing in Denmark, November 1972.

Photos by Jan Persson

Freddie Mercury,  Queen in Copenhagen, May 12 1977, the first of only 2 Danish shows. My edits of originals found here (by Juan Garino) and here (Jan Persson)

David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, September 23, 1971 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Jorgen Angel. 

Pretty Young Thing: Jimmy Page and the Dragon Telecaster, March 17 1969 in Copenhagen, by Jan Persson, via, who’ll be releasing a 50th anniversary signature edition reproduction of this guitar in 2019

The Doors on Danish TV, 1968

Robert Plant’s debut with The New Yardbirds/Led Zeppelin, September 8, 1968, by Karsten Schmidt, via

So you’re the Gladsaxe Teen Club in suburban Copenhagen, you’ve been raising money for forever for your annual ball, and you have a signed contract for the appearance by The Yardbirds….but how’s THIS for a kick in the ass? Instead of The Yardbirds for whom you’ve paid today’s equivalent of $6500, you get these four clowns calling themselves The NEW Yardbirds, three of whom you’ve never even heard of. What kind of rip-off were they trying to pull??? Where they even any good????

Well, it turns out that they were pretty good. “The music continued to ring nicely in the ears for some time after the curtains were drawn after their show,” reported the Teen Club’s magazine the next month. “We can therefore conclude that the new YARDBIRDS are at least as good as the old ones were.”

Great story and many more pictures here.

Marc Bolan, T. Rex, March 21 1973, Copenhagen Denmark, by Jorgen Angel.


Roger Waters,1971 – KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark,by Jorgen Angel


Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Denmark, 1971.

Marc Bolan, T. Rex, March 21 1973, Copenhagen Denmark, by Jorgen Angel.