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Stairway to Jimmy, my edit of original via dailynews

Rush: Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee double-doubleneck! Bingley Hall, Staffordshire, September 21 1979, by Fin Costello

Stairway to Jimmy! My edit of original via

Led Zeppelin: Stairway to Jimbert

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant with Jimmy’s doubleneck during the soundcheck on ZEPtember 27, 1971, Hiroshima, Japan. Photo by Koh Hasebe.

Red Zeppelin, Nice pants, man.

Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, “Stairway to Heaven,” Chicago 1977, by Jim Summaria




Led Zeppelin, first performance of “Stairway to Heaven”, Belfast, March 5 1971, via ledzeppelin

Was met with polite applause. Lol. I wonder if the audience had any clue about what they’d just heard. I’m sure they figured it out later. 🙂

Stumbled across this show last night, and I’d forgotten how absolutely fantastic Robert’s voice is in it.  Here’s the boot.  Everyone is playing their heart out, but Robert is simply unbelievable.  Forgive the somewhat murky audience recording and take a minute to listen.  Unreal.  

Jimmy has noted that “Stairway to Heaven” didn’t become “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” until the US 1973 tour, which sounds about right to me. Contemporary reviews don’t really lock onto it one way or the other; Billboard’s first (very positive) review of LZ IV doesn’t even mention it at all. 

But this is a terrific boot of an important show. Thanks for the link!



Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, by Neil Zlozower. Cameltoe of the Gods!

People have messaged me saying that I should say “moose knuckle”, which I categorically refuse, because: 

a) “Cameltoe” is gender neutral. I assure you that camels of every gender have toes and that they are shaped identically; 

b) Robert visited far more places where camels live, so I think that the term would evoke more fond memories of his travels; and 

c) “Cameltoe of the Gods” sounds more like “Hammer of the Gods”.

Of course, feel free to tag it any way you want. Reading your tags is the most exciting part of my life. LOL

Jimmy Page, January 20, 1975 in Detroit, Robert Alford, via goldmine