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Led Zeppelin: Glowing Jimbert

Led Zeppelin: Black Dragon Jimbert at the Forum, 1975, by Neil Zlozower

Jimmy Page, Red Zeppelin 1975


Led Zeppelin: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, by Neil Zlozower. Cameltoe of the Gods!

People have messaged me saying that I should say “moose knuckle”, which I categorically refuse, because:

a) “Cameltoe” is gender neutral. I assure you that camels of every gender have toes and that they are shaped identically;

b) Robert visited far more places where camels live, so I think that the term would evoke more fond memories of his travels; and

c) “Cameltoe of the Gods” sounds more like “Hammer of the Gods”.

Of course, feel free to tag it any way you want. Reading your tags is the most exciting part of my life. LOL

Pete Townshend, The Who, by Chris Morphet

Jimmy Page, Red Zeppelin, August 7 1971, Montreux, touring to support Led Zeppelin IV

Jimmy Page, Detroit 1975, by Charlie Auringer

Pete Townshend, The Who: Saville Theatre, London, October 22, 1967. “For those who like to say I was ugly, I don’t think there is much in rock that is more beautiful than me at this time.” (Quote and Chris Morphet photo via)

Jimmy Page (with Robert Plant behind him), by Richard E. Aaron. Kind of golden god-ish, tbh

Smilin’ Jim