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Feathered and fabulous in 1974. 🚀


Swept up in the show and spotlights in ‘74. 🚀

Elton John: Kiss My Patch!

Elton John, early 70s fashion icon

“Stick around, you’re gonna hear electric music: solid walls of sound.” Elton John, ad for “Bennie And The Jets.”

Elton John, by Emerson Loew.

Elton John & Iggy Pop, 1975.

Elton John & his sequined piano, 1974, by Robert Knight.

Elton John, Hammersmith Odeon, 1973. Photo by David Redfern

Elton John and 55,000 of his closest friends at Dodger Stadium, wearing a sequined Dodgers uniform designed by Bob Mackie, October 26, 1975. Photo by Terry O’Neill.