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here’s why you should stan marc bolan

right now you might be thinking, uhhhh who exactly?

this dude!

Marc Bolan was the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of a band called T. Rex, the first ever glam rock band. Without his influence, there would be no Bowie, no Queen, and countless others. What he did for the music industry and the lgbt community was groundbreaking. Here are some things to know:

– his real name was Mark Feld

– T. Rex was the first band to make it big in the UK after the Beatles fell apart

– literally invented glam rock!

– marc was jewish

– a vegetarian

– a proud bisexual!

– he was friends with elton john and david bowie, and used to go to gay clubs w them

– had a pet mouse named ‘boink’

– is a published poet despite the fact that he never actually learned to spell

– the #1 bob dylan stan

– used to be a model when he was younger

– told a bunch of people that he’d met a wizard in france who’d taught him witchcraft, when actually he just met a guy in a gay club and had a fling with him

– hired his percussionist simply because he thought the guy was good looking; he wasn’t even a good player

– he was Pagan and believed in reincarnation, as well as fairies and unicorns

– never learned to drive because he was too afraid of dying in a car crash


– arguably predicted his own death

– invented wearing heels/eyeshadow/glitter onstage; david bowie was inspired and copied him

– bowie wrote a love song about him!

– basically peter pan

– the Most Beautiful™️

Edit: T. Rex have just been inducted into the Rock’ N’ Roll Hall of Fame!