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1970 Clairol Colorfast Shampoo ad

Biba shoes circa 1969.
Design by Barbara Hulanicki



Early 1970s UK advert for Mary Quant fashion   

Vogue – October 1975

“With the costumes, I started wearing bat wings and stuff, and getting a little more outlandish, and then on Foxtrot I wore the fox head and the red dress. My wife, Jill, had a red Ossie Clark dress which I could just about get into, and we had a fox head made. The first time we tried it was in a former boxing ring in Dublin, and there was just a shocked silence.“Peter Gabriel

Found the dress on Etsy and it was an Ossie Clark collaboration with Radley, very early 1970s.

Dave Hill of Slade – 1974

Todd Rundgren – 1973
Photo by Chris Walter

Oui – September 1973