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Smilin’ Bob Dylan goes electric on the Fender bass, 1965, by Don Hunstein, via Bob’s  official Instagram

Paul McCartney’s Fender Esquire, 1970, by Linda McCartney, via mixdownmag

“If I’d had my way, the Strat would have been my first guitar. I’ve still got some of my books from when I was about thirteen, and there’s drawings of guitars and different scratch plates. Always trying to draw Fender Stratocasters.“ ~ George Harrison

Pretty Young Thing: Jimmy Page and the Dragon Telecaster, March 17 1969 in Copenhagen, by Jan Persson, via, who’ll be releasing a 50th anniversary signature edition reproduction of this guitar in 2019


from 1976 Fender catalog

1973 Fender Guitar Advertisement

Illustration by Dave Willardson