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Brian May, Montreal 1981, via astronomy (which gives me no end of pleasure to cite as a source!)

Four flavors of Freddie fabulousness.


Marc Bolan

December 1971

Freddie’s banging bangs and makeup velvet and silver glamtastic softness lewk, via laurasharps

David Bowie at New York’s Bottom Line, 1981, by Derek Tague via. An actual, literal cinnamon roll

Brian May, Las Vegas, December 1977, by Brad Elterman, my edit of original via brandikingspencer

Freddie Mercury’s fabulous arrow jacket, via queenportugal

(More fabulous arrow jacket pix here!)

“Pioneer’s Elton John Quad Special”

Ziggy Stardust Italian 8-track! I like this a lot better than the original album cover tbh. Photo by Brian Ward.

Freddie Mercury, Golden God, Wembley 1978 by Danny Clifford, via