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Roger Waters of Pink Floyd


The Doors, by Guy Webster, a photo used for the cover of their 1967 debut album

Groovy 60′s Barbie/Francie fashions

From the April, 2001 issue of Barbie Bazaar Magazine


“Neutrogena, the Sunshine Soap for the girl most likely to be Nature’s Niftiest.”  – advertisement, October 1968.

Home Design 1971

From the January, 1971 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine


Jim Morrison, The Doors, Mill Valley CA Fantasy Fair, 1967, by Elaine Mayes. “The Fantasy Fair was an amazing three days on Mount Tamalpias, the very first rock festival, several weeks before The Monterey Pop Festival. We all had access to musicians then, and I was able to get very close to Jim. After the Doors first show on the second mountain stage, he signed autographs, and I hovered.”

The Doors, Waiting for the Sun, by Paul Ferrara [x], plus (below) a peek behind the scenes by Babe Hill [x]


Carole King at her Laurel Canyon home, January 27,1971, for the cover of Tapestry, by Jim McCrary

Joni Mitchell,  Los Angeles 1975, by Norman Seeff