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POV: paul Stanley flirts with you from across the room

My own post is making me want a boyfriend 😔

Everytime I load my camera roll I see this and I’m loosing my shit


When you take Cinderella’s ‘shake me’ a little to seriously.

I’m going through my old posts and found this SHDJSJDBB

POV: paul Stanley flirts with you from across the room

His name is Paul STANley for a reason.


Currently partying and drinking while blastin Mötley Crüe

Lets fuckin rock n roll 🤘😝🤘


“I haven’t forgot about you” 😔

Paul 👏🏻 remembered 👏🏻 me 👏🏻 when 👏🏻 nobody 👏🏻 else 👏🏻 did

yeah, I’m into Dilfs




F Paul Stanley


Yes, this one is for us.

Because we are the ones keeping rock alive as it was in the 60′s 70′s, 80′s and (part of the) 90′s. We’re spreading it out, being crazy with our MTV, our vinyls, our tapes, our loud taste, and causing adults to turn their noses at us because of it.

Us crazy teens with our roses and guns, lead zeppelins, our deaf leopards, our mediocre crews, our ab/cd and whatnot. We are the ones keeping the rock n roll vibe here, despite not being “one with the times”. We are what still remains of teens back in the day of this music. This culture we’re part of belongs to us in a way that it does not to older fans.

We learn of this era from the older fans still that have stuck around for 30+ years, and we listen to them make sure we rock out properly so this vibe will never die. We’re the next generation burning lyrics of power ballads into whoever will listen, screaming out of pure ecstacy because of guitar solos, banging on anything to keep that beat going, cooing endlessly over crazy-haired leather-wearing bandmembers (despite the members being old enough to be our fathers and grandfathers), dying to see a certain music video, collecting albums upon albums, and not comprehending the meaning of the phrase “too loud”.

And no, we’re not into the music because we 

  • think we’re hipsters 
  • constantly whine about “I was born in the wrong time!” (even though we would certainly be happier in the past)
  • the men/women are hot
  • feel like we’re better than everyone else


We are real fans, we exist, and we actually like this stuff. We cherish this side of music with all the love and craziness we have in us. Whether it’s because we grew up on this music because of our parents or we just flat out found this good music one day and stuck with it, it makes us some of the most loyal fans there are (despite how long ago this era was before we were born).

We’re the ones who breathe young life into a side of music and fandemonium that once depended on it, and thanks to us, rock is burning on into the next generation as strong as ever, so we can make it live forever. We didn’t start the fire

And since I’ve never heard anyone else say it, I will:

Thank you, and rock on.

YES 🤘🏻

That last part made me so happy as I am still using phrases such as “lets rock n roll!!” in my daily vocabulary lmao.

If Paul Stanley was gay he deadass would’ve been the most iconic gay icon ever I mean look at this shit